Welcome to Berkshire Township, Delaware Ohio
Berkshire Township Hall, 1454 Rome Corners Road, Galena, Ohio 43021

Location and History of Berkshire Township


Berkshire Township is located approximately 5-8 miles north of Westerville, Ohio and midway between Alum Creek State Park and Hoover Reservoir.  Within the next few years it is estimated we will reach 3,000 residents.  We enjoy rural living and are only 25 minutes away from downtown Columbus.  The Big Walnut School System, Olentangy School System, BST&G Fire Company and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department support our families.  Feel free to contact our Administration offices at 740-965-9397. 


Colonel Moses Byxbe of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, purchased 8,000 acres in this township and led his first group of settlers here in 1804.  After erecting cabins, he returned east and persuaded others to follow to his lands.  By 1806, the original Berkshire Township was founded and included parts of Brown, Kingston, Berlin, Orange, Genoa, Trenton, and Sharon Townships.  The others formed separate townships until the present Berkshire Township remained in 1821.  Follow the links to find out more about Berkshire Township.