Welcome to Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio

Joshua Varble

Trustee Vice-Chair

Term: 12-31-23

Rod Myers

Trustee Chair

Term: 12-31-21

Berkshire Township, Ohio Trustee Meetings are open to the public. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend and actively participate.

Melody George

Fiscal Officer

Term: 4-1-19

Mike Dattilo Trustee

Term: 12-31-21

Berkshire Township's Administration is comprised of three trustees and a fiscal officer. The township trustees have regularly scheduled meetings on the second and fourth Monday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. at the Berkshire Township Hall located at 1454 Rome Corners Road, Galena, Ohio 43021. If it is necessary to reschedule a meeting due to a holiday or other reason, the meeting date is always posted on a notice board at the Township Hall and when it is possible, on this website.

All Trustees share the responsibility of governing Berkshire and are available to any resident to answer questions or address concerns. Below, you’ll find a summary of our current Trustees their focus areas of responsibility.

Joshua Varble is the newest member of the Board of Trustees, serving as vice -chairman.

  • Chairman of the Berkshire Township Cemetery
  • Chairman of township parks
  • Alternate to the BST&G Fire Board

Contact Joshua at: jvarble@berkshiretwp.org

Rod Myers
is the current chair for the Board of Trustees. A 34 year resident of the township, Rod has served on the Board since 2009. His areas of focus are:

  • Township spokesperson for newspaper, radio, and TV media announcements and interviews
  • Chairman of Berkshire Township Cemetery
  • Alternate to the roads Chairman
  • Township representative to the BST&G Fire Board
  • Township representative to the Delaware General Health District
  • Official designate to the Delaware County Township Association

Contact Rod at: rmyers@berkshiretwp.org

Mike Dattilo is in charge of Township Management and Services. Mike has been a Trustee since 2014 and a township resident for many years. His areas of focus are:

  • Chairman of Roads and Maintenance
  • Chairman of Township Hall Facilities
  • Will serve as Alternate to the Fire Board.

Contact Mike at: mdattilo@berkshiretwp.org

Melody George is the Township’s Fiscal Officer. This is an elected position and Melody has served in this position since 2008.

Contact Melody at:  mlgeorge.bt@gmail.com