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Please watch our newsletter and our website in the months to come for more complete info to help your family make the most of recycling as we move forward. It is still the right thing to do - for today and for our future.

Planet Oasis Presentation made at  the July 9th 2018 Trustee Meeting

On Thursday, June 28th, developer David Glimcher and his partners held a press conference revealing initial plans and a video presentation about their proposed Planet Oasis project. The entire development would be located in Berkshire Township, near the I-71 36/37 exit. The press conference was attended by state, county and township officials, as well as local media. The size of the proposed development caused a lot of press to be generated, not just locally, but nationally, too.

Planet Oasis Update:

As of October 18, 2018, the township has not received any zoning applications for the project. When an application is received it will show on the agenda for the Zoning Board meeting for which it is scheduled.

The Berkshire Township Hall is the ideal place for a family gathering, shower, party or group meeting. It is available to township residents for a modest rental fee. ($75 rental fee plus a $100 refundable deposit) It has a modern kitchen (2 microwaves, full size fridge, no stove/oven), tables, chairs, handicap accessible restroom facilities and is located at 1454 Rome Corners Road. Weekend dates are especially popular, so reserve yours soon.

P.S. Have a photo of the hall decorated or in use for your event? We'd love to see it! If you'd like to share please email it to Berkshire.Shawna@gmail.com  (We might show it off on the website)

For availability contact Shawna Burkham at
740-965-2992 ext. 207 or 614-369-2601
or at Berkshire.Shawna@gmail.com

Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the Parks Master Plan Open House on Monday, October 15th.  If you attended but didn't fill out a comment sheet, it's not too late. The trustees will vote soon on the adoption of the plan and welcome your comments on the proposal before they vote.

Please email your comments - good or bad - by Tuesday, October 23rd

to Berkshire.Shawna@gmail.com

Things have changed a lot in the recycling industry over the last two-plus years. Many items which were once considered recyclable are now unwanted; clogging up the process for the "good stuff" - resulting in less success and higher costs for those involved.

For many years, China was the recipient of much of America's recyclables. Now China has stopped the importation of those materials. For this reason, what we will be able to recycle in the future is decreasing, and how we prepare them for recycling is becoming more critical.


The industry is changing...are you ready?


Milkweed Seeds Available for Free

Grow your own Monarch habitat

we have packets of milkweed seeds here at the township hall for township residents to come and pick up - for free!
They've gathered seeds from two different varieties of milkweed plants and provided planting instructions, too. You can plant them now and you'll have plants next summer for our brilliantly colored friends to visit when they arrive from Mexico. Then you can observe the miraculous process of metamorphosis in your own yard. Seeds are available at 1454 Rome Corners Rd. during business hours.

Check out the Parks page on this website for information about the success of the Monarch Habitat here at the township park.

If you're interested in creating your own monarch garden at home, we can help. Thanks to Floyd Siebert and Susan Holtry,