Welcome to Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio

Road Reports
Information and service requests should be directed to Mike Dattilo, Trustee at 740-457-6904.


Berkshire Township trustees voted in early 2016 to adopt a single trash and recycling service provider. Republic Services was selected. New residents to the area should contact Republic directly to set up their account. (800-601-1867) Be sure to specify that you are a Berkshire Township Resident as you qualify for a contract rate.

Please click on the links below for the 2018-2019 schedule for Trash and Recycling Pick-up. There is also a link showing the map for Areas A and B, which determines which area you live in.

Trash collection day for township residents will always be Fridays (unless a holiday impacts the schedule.) Recycle is every other Friday, depending on whether you live in Area A or Area B.
Please contact REPUBLIC WASTE at 248-821-0430 or at the number on your invoice if you have any questions or issues with your service. We also suggest you make sure Republic has a current phone number for you as they do automated calls when there are service delays.


Services and Maintenance

Maintenance Supervisor:  Dan Hale

740-965-2992 ext. 205

Office 740-965-2805     Cell 740-272-2460

Adlington Drive                   Joe Walker Rd.
Alexander Road *                Kenley Pl.
Bent Tree Road                   Kerfield Drive
Berkshire Road *                 Killdeer Place

Big Bluestem Way                Lawton St.
Birtles Court                        Lovingston Way
Blayney Road                       Meadow Chase Dr.
Broxton Lane                       Oak Crest Dr.
Domigan Road *                  Oak View Dr.
Dustin Road *                      Plumb Road *
Falling Meadows Drive         Renee Ct.

Four Winds Ct.                     Ryan Meadow Pl.
Four Winds Dr. N and S        S. 3 B's & K *

Gingerfield Way                   Somerford Drive
Golf Course Road                Stockwell Rd. *
Hatherton Place                   Streamside Drive
Holley Woods Drive              Walnut St.
Indian Summer Drive           Wilson Road *

Indigo Dr.                            Wrenbury Drive

* indicates portions of this road may be in other political subdivisions as well.

The Berkshire Township maintenance staff has these responsibilities throughout the year:

  • To maintain 19 + miles of Township roads and right-of-ways.
  • To maintain all Township buildings.
  • To maintain all Township equipment
  • To maintain the Township cemetery.

Township Roads include the following roads:

We're often contacted with questions about road work. Other than interstate I-71, roads in Berkshire Township fall into three categories: Township Roads, County Roads and State Roads.

We try to update township road projects on this website whenever possible.

Use the links below for current ODOT or COUNTY road project information.

Township Hall Rental
The Berkshire Township Hall is available for rental to township residents. For complete rental agreement information contact  the assistant administrator at Berkshire.Shawna@gmail.com or call Shawna at 740-965-2992, ext. 207 or at 614-369-2601. The township hall is an ideal place for a family gathering, shower, party or group meeting. It is available to township residents for a modest rental fee ($75 rental fee plus a $100 refundable deposit.) It has a modern kitchen, (refrigerator/freezer, 2 microwaves, sink) tables, chairs,  and handicap accessible restroom facilities. Located at 1454 Rome Corners Road, it is also very convenient to I-71. Now accepting reservations for 2018.

Address Markers
We recommend you acquire a "green" address marker for your mailbox. These address markers are easily noticed after dark by emergency services first responders. You can acquire the components needed for these signs at the Ace Hardware on St. Rt. 3 in Sunbury.

Cemetery Inquiries
Information and service requests should be directed to Shawna Burkham, the Cemetery Sexton. She can be reached by cell at 614-369-2601 or at the township office at 740-965-2992, Ext. 207. You may also contact her by email at berkshire.shawna@gmail.com

   For more info, please refer to the Cemetery tab on this website. If the sexton is not available, please contact Rod Myers, trustee at 614-578-6920.