Welcome to Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio

At their November 15th, 2018 meeting, two out of three trustees voted to adopt the Berkshire Township Parks and Trails Master Plan. Begun in late 2017, the plan is a culmination of months of studies, research, and data collection, which includes a statistically valid survey indicating significant support for the planning and creation for future parks and connector trails in our township. After initially forming a residents' committee to explore the desire for a park on township property, it was determined that the need existed for an overall master plan to guide the township into the future. With Berkshire Township growing at a rapid pace, the need to protect and preserve some of our open space while it is still available became increasingly obvious. A copy of the completed master plan is available for review. We extend our thanks to the residents and the professionals who dedicated many months of work towards seeing this plan become a reality. See link below.

Trees? Yes, Please!
Creating a park in what was once an open field requires foresight and planning. In the fall of 2017 twelve large, beautiful trees were planted in our new park. Stop by and see what a difference they already make. Then picture how magnificent they'll be in 15-20 years! Exciting!

Grow Your Own Monarch Habitat.  If you're interested in creating your own monarch garden at home, we can help. Thanks to Floyd and Susan, we have packets of milkweed seeds here at the township hall for township residents to come and pick up - for free!
They've gathered seeds from two different varieties of milkweed plants and provided planting instructions, too. You can plant them now and you'll have plants next summer for our brilliantly colored friends to visit when they arrive from Mexico. Then you can observe the miraculous process of metamorphosis in your own yard. Seeds are available at 1454 Rome Corners Rd. during business hours.

Berkshire Community Park

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Berkshire Township Parks is to provide diverse

year-round leisure opportunities through the preservation of open space,

park settings, recreational facilities, and programs for the residents of Berkshire Township. We strive to strengthen the bonds of community

and enhance quality of life for present

and future generations.

Big Walnut art students designing unique art for the Born Learning Trail in 2017


  • When visiting with dogs, please keep them leashed at all times.
  • Please clean up after your dog. Doggie Waste-stations have been installed on the path around the perimeter of the park. Do not put pet waste in the trash containers in the garden/play area.
  • Please refrain from smoking in the garden and playground areas.
  • Trash receptacles have been installed between the garden and play area to help cut down on litter. Please be considerate and dispose of your trash. Do not put pet waste in these containers.
  • When using the path around the property, watch for vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.
  • Please do not pick the flowers in the garden or allow your children or pets to play in the flower beds. We want to keep the area clean and pleasant for all to enjoy.

This summer, township resident and local butterfly expert, Floyd Siebert became actively involved with the Berkshire Learning Garden through Susan Holtry, one of the garden's creators. Working with Susan, Floyd volunteered to help "raise" a new generation of Berkshire monarch residents. He began visiting the garden early this summer, monitoring the growth of our pollinator flowers, the arrival of the butterflies, checking for eggs then caterpillars, and taking them home to a safe controlled environment to develop. Here are a few photos of the metamorphosis and the emergence of "Wunder" - a female monarch who was released back in the garden on August 30th in preparation for her long migration to Mexico. Since the release of Wunder, several more Berkshire Monarchs have been released in the garden, perpetuating this beautiful species. Check out the photos above. Thank you, Floyd, for your great interest and care for our monarch family!

When the township trustees purchased the land at 1454 Rome Corners Road

where the Township Hall now stands, their vision included the concept of a township park being built at some point in the future.

In 2016, plans for a park began to take shape through the efforts of the trustees, staff, and a residents' Parks Committee.

In March of 2017 $20,000 in seed money was appropriated to begin the Berkshire Community Park. It was agreed a play area for young children and a pollinator garden area for all to enjoy would be the first priorities moving forward.
In addition to the original concept, the Trustees agreed to the installation of a Born Learning Trail in the park.  Created by United Way, Born Learning Trails help parents of very young children connect with their kids in fun, interactive, and educational ways. Berkshire is proud to be one of the first recipient

of this exciting project sponsored by United Way of Delaware County and the Women's Leadership Network of United Way. In addition, our Born Learning Trail has custom artwork designed and installed by students from the Big Walnut High School National Art Honor Society. Also, in partnership with

United Way, volunteers from the Delaware Campus of Columbus State Community College installed the posts and signage for the trail.

We hope you'll come and visit soon!

The Play Hill in the children's play area is now complete. The culvert is a great place to hide-and-seek and the hill entices everyone to give it a try. Many thanks to Trustee Mike Dattilo and township staff Jeff George, Dan Hale and Justin Williams for their hard work on this project.

And the Play Hill is Open!

Berkshire Township Parks and Trails Master Plan Adopted