Welcome to Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio

The Berkshire Cemetery is rich in history and heritage. Veterans and their families who are laid to rest in Berkshire Cemetery date all the way back to the Revolutionary War. More information regarding lists of veterans, including photos of headstones may be found on the Big Walnut Historical Society website.

Two benches have also been placed near the water faucet for the comfort of our visitors. We take great pride in our cemetery and hope these amenities enhance your experience when you visit there.

Please note: The cemetery is maintained for the use and benefit of the public, and the Rules and Regulations adopted for the care and conduct of Berkshire Cemetery have been adopted to give all Lot Owners equal rights and protection therein.

All visitors are requested to observe the solemnity and sanctity of the cemetery and strictly observe the Rules and Regulations which have been established by the Trustees to preserve order and quiet at all times within the grounds.

Water faucet and Benches added at Cemetery
For the convenience of folks who have planted flowers on grave sites at the Berkshire Cemetery, the Trustees have added a water faucet at the far west end of the cemetery, along the drive. There is a watering pail for your use as well. You raise the handle to operate, and lower it to shut off. We ask that you make sure the water is turned off before leaving after using the faucet.

History of the Berkshire Cemetery

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The Berkshire Cemetery is located on State Route 36-37 just east of Galena Road, across from the Bent Tree Golf Course. The cemetery is open 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. It serves all persons and faiths with equal respect. For service or questions regarding purchasing a lot or holding a burial in the cemetery please contact Shawna Burkham, the Cemetery Sexton. She can be reached by cell at 614-369-2601 or at the township office at 740-965-2992, Ext. 207. You may also contact her by email at berkshire.shawna@gmail.com

Please refer to the documents below for specific rate and rules information regarding the cemetery.